Carylee Stone renewed our belief that there are awesome trustworthy Real Estate Professionals who will sell a home in the best interests of her clients. Our experience from the last listing agent was not professional and honest, so we were very guarded about hiring a Real Estate Professional. Carylee immediately removed all of our fears and concerns. She is a take charge, knowledgeable expert who managed every aspect of marketing, staging, promoting and selling our home in record time and record price! She is transparent, caring, and is a master of her craft. I would do business with Carylee again and highly recommend her if you are looking for an outstanding Real Estate Professional. The best part is that we made a friend along the way.
—Noah and Jeanette Sanchez, Aviara, Carlsbad

I met Carylee Stone after following her signs to an open house she was conducting in 4S Ranch, mostly out of curiosity. I wasn’t ready to buy since I was still in a lease but I LOVED the home. While there was a non-stop flow of people coming and going, she took the time to educate me about the options and opportunities available to me in order to purchase. Five hours later, although there were multiple offers, my offer was accepted by the sellers under conditions that were ideal for all parties. She connected me with a creative lender that was able to navigate through some unique financial anomalies I wasn’t aware were of concern, and got the transaction done. The home buying process can often be stressful, yet throughout the process, Carylee listened intently, calmed my fears, and was encouraging and supportive. She even continued to assist me through the transition long after the final sale was completed. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again.
—Rebecca Nee, 4S Ranch

I had the fortune of hiring Carylee to help us sell our home in the San Elijo Hills area of San Diego while we lived in Massachusetts. Carylee was everything we could have asked for in a realtor. She took care of ALL of our needs, helped negotiate a HIGHER price than list price, and did everything to get the house SOLD in under 1 week. She is simply AMAZING!!!!!!! If you need a realtor that cares… a Realtor with a mission…a Realtor who will represent your interests 100%… a realtor who gets the work done…a Realtor with passion, focus and ingenuity…. You have to hire Carylee. She is a gem….I whole-heartedly recommend her without any reservation. You will be glad you did if you have the fortune to know and hire her for your real estate needs.
—Omo and Ola Clement, San Elijo Hills

Carylee Stone was a joy and a pleasure to work with. She cares about and advocates for her clients. She has a high energy vibe and a positive “can do” attitude. As you can see, I gave her the highest possible marks in all categories! In terms of negotiation skills she should have received excellent +. I wouldn’t be in my home today if she hadn’t gone that extra mile for me.
—Carol Adkison, Southwest Oceanside

While struggling with the challenges associated with my husband’s Alzheimers, my son passed away in a car accident. I was tasked with managing my son’s home while on a limited income. When we decided to sell, Carylee expressed great compassion and helped us negotiate the expenses associated with past due mortgage payments, HOA, taxes, etc. In addition, she sold my son’s home for a record price in just a week’s time. We couldn’t be more grateful.
—Gene and Betty Mott, Aviara, Carlsbad

We worked with Carylee for quite some time, constantly searching for our first home! We saw many properties throughout the fun and exciting process until we found the ONE! Carylee has one rule for the process…have fun with it! And we did. We highly recommend Carylee to find the home of your dreams!
—Michael and Kellie Riese, San Elijo Hills

We have enjoyed Carylee’s professional service as a Realtor in several transactions:
  • Sale of our former primary residence
  • Acquisition of our current primary residence
  • Acquisition of 2 investment properties
  • Setting up rental agreements (x4)
Through all these transactions, we have enjoyed her deep insight on the market as well as her keen advice on the appropriate strategy. She has represented us as clients with the utmost professionalism and dedication. She managed to keep a clear picture of the most complex situations and put emotional considerations aside.

We have trusted her services in building a sound real-estate portfolio. We are extremely satisfied of the outcome and plan on retaining her services for future acquisitions.
—Eric and Tonya Jamois, Carlsbad

We were thoroughly pleased with Carylee as our Realtor. She went above and beyond to get our home prepared and listed in a timely manner. She kept us closely informed throughout the entire sale and escrow process. Please contact Carylee if you are looking for a competent, confident and professional Realtor. We highly recommend her service.
—Anthony and Jennifer Smith

My experience with Ms. Stone saved me $30,000! Her excellent knowledge of real estate laws, regulations and processes caught a broken hot water pipe in what was to be my new home. The day before closing, Ms. Stone checked my soon-to-be property and found a puddle in the living room. She knew exactly what steps to take to stop from closing until the problem was resolved. I would not use anyone else when making such an emotional and valuable life decision.
—Karen Trapane, Aviara, Carlsbad

Carylee AWLAYS works in the best interest of her clients! She will bend over backwards to make sure everything falls into place as needed. She is straight forward, responsive and an outstanding communicator. There is no job too great for her to tackle, believe me, we have tested her skills with successful results!
—Brian and Erica Gist, 4S Ranch

Even though I’m a humorous speaker, I take my business seriously and only work with others who share that philosophy. That’s why I recommend Carylee Stone with great enthusiasm and confidence. She is very responsible, completely trustworthy, and extremely ethical.and she’s got a personality that packs a potent punch!
—Russ Stolnack (aka Russ T. Nailz) Comedian, Executive Imposter, Performer

I am so excited for you! Your hard work is paying great dividends. Congratulations on your success in real estate! I have always admired you as an individual and for your ability to work so hard and to be so successful professionally, which is not easy, especially for a woman.
—Anne Meridien

Carylee sold my house for a price significantly above the market value at the time when multiple comparable properties were available in the San Diego area, and the market had started to turn in buyers’ favor. She has skillfully dealt with difficult and demanding prospective buyers to accomplish great results in record time. I have bought and sold 6 properties across the US in the last 9 years, and found Carylee to be the best Realtor I had ever dealt with. I strongly recommend Carylee to sellers and buyers alike.
—Nenad Sarapa MD, Carmel Valley

Carylee represented us in the sale of our existing home and the purchase of our new home. She listed and sold our north county house in record time allowing us to move up into a larger home that had everything we wanted and needed. Carylee is an excellent Realtor—hard working, diligent, communicative, educational and fun. My wife and I recommend her completely.
—Chris and AnnMarie Carlisle, Southwest Oceanside

Several months ago I was at lunch with a friend discussing my desire to purchase my first home. My friend informed me that all Realtors were pushy and I could easily complete the transaction on my own. Carylee was sitting behind us and overheard our conversation. When we got up to leave, Carylee gave me her business card and explained that Realtors are a very important part of the buying process. I thought she handled the situation really well so I decided to give her a try. After looking at a number of properties, she helped me find the one that was perfect for me! Finding the house proved to be the easy part of the process. The seller (who didn’t seem to want to leave) and her Realtor were very hard to work with, and thus required a lot of attention and handholding. During the transaction Carylee proved to be very knowledgeable about all phases of the process. She handled herself as a professional and, most importantly, she shouldered the bulk of the stress. She handled everything and kept me completely informed along the way. I would not have been able to purchase this house without her. Carylee Stone is a superb Realtor and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone!
—Scott Wrege, Oceanside

You are simply amazing!
—Bill Randoll, Carmel Valley

Being a first time homebuyer, I was faced with a large amount of fear and uncertainty. Although there were a few hiccups along the way, your guidance and education made the experience a pleasant one. I was so happy to learn that you were capable of resolving any and all difficulties that arose with such efficiency. I would like to extend my thanks to you for your unyielding perseverance and look forward to working with you again someday in the future!
—Shawn Hadjis, Carmel Valley

Carylee sold our son a home and was willing to work directly with his father and me, even though we worked and lived halfway around the world. This took time and endless glitches that can result when doing things totally via the internet. The phone line in Tashkent, Uzbekistan is dreadful, yet Carylee persevered and helped us seamlessly go through the various processes of buying a home. We wanted our hard-working son to get out of his condominium and buy his dream home. He had said that he didn’t have time to do that so, I, his mother, got the process started. I picked Carylee after I read her bio and saw her “perky” smile. Carylee was able to help our son, a first time buyer, realize his dream. She also has become a friend to our son and family. We would recommend her highly. She is solid, thinks outside the box, and we were proud to work with her.
—Deborah and Ronald Webb, Southwest Oceanside

You rock!!! Thanks for an awesome transaction.
—Shannon Werhanowicz, Tarbel Realtors

I interviewed numerous agents before deciding on the services of Carylee Stone. She seemed more knowledgeable, provided much more information and her creative marketing program was unique to anything I had previously encountered. Her charm and wit was refreshing and it made the process fun. To top it off, she sold our home in 16 days, higher than our list price! I would recommend Carylee and her team to anyone who wants to buy or sell.
—Jessica Norman, Carmel Valley/Del Mar

Again, I would like to thank you for your professionalism and enthusiasm. It is wonderful working with you.
—Linda Bryer, Carmel Valley/Del Mar

Carylee is ambitious and tenacious, determined to be the best at whatever she does. When she sets out to do something, it always gets done. She is also poised, personable, well mannered, and surprisingly easygoing given her busy schedule.
—Jimbo Someck, Owner, Jimbo’s…Naturally, Carmel Valley/Del Mar

Relaxed and confident, she makes everything she does look very easy, when I am sure it must involve a great deal of hard work and self-discipline. I recommend her highly!
—Jon Wingate, Owner, En Fuego Cantina

You are the most professional and conscientious agent I’ve every worked with-especially regarding the updated contract and the contingency removal time periods. You have a heart of gold and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.
—Susan Forster, Broker, Coastal Pacific Real Estate

I find Carylee to be professional, knowledgeable and very thorough. She has only the best intentions for her clients and I am happy to refer her and her expertise to you.
—Brad Evarts, Del Mar

My father and I wanted to thank you for listing and selling our home for us. You did an amazing job. Your unique marketing program was well beyond what we expected. We realize how difficult it was having to address the numerous language barriers as well as the fact that we went on an extended vacation out of the country. Thank you for being so diligent!
—Chuan-Wei Lai, Carmel Valley

Having to relocate to the San Diego area was a difficult transition for my wife and me. Not only did you educate us about the area and find us a great home but you were also instrumental in the sale of our home in the Bay area. We were amazed at home many agents you knew throughout the state! Thanks for a job well done!
—Mark Paxton, Aviara, Carlsbad

I would like to thank you for your assistance in the sale of my parents’ home in San Diego. As you may know, there are a great many issues to address when dealing with the loss of a loved one and you displayed professionalism and integrity while handling the transaction with great care and sensitivity.

We also appreciate all of your assistance in getting the home ready for sale. Since we don’t live in the San Diego area, your recommendations for licensed contractors proved to be invaluable. It was comforting to know that we had an ally making certain things went smoothly.

Again, we greatly appreciate the efficiency of you and your staff and hope we will have the opportunity to work with you again some day.
—John Freemeyer, 4S Ranch